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Equestrian Horse Head Nano Cuff

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Product Description

Equestrian Horse Head Nano Cuff from Designs by Loriece

Equestrian Horse Head Nano Cuff is feather light! A fashionable horse bracelet that can be worn with any and every outfit. Gorgeous artwork by Debbie Goldring and Loriece make for an eye-catching nano-cuff everyone will ask about.

Why Choose Designs by Loriece

When I design a bracelet, it must be attractive, but above all else, comfortable.

My work has always been about creating authenticity through detail. When I am in my studio working, I am in the zone. All inspirations and skills combine as one. It’s comparable to riding, being collected and engaging all elements to create a light and powerful flow of movement and beauty. At that very moment, you and the horse are one.  

Made by a rider for a rider. Gift wrapping available upon request at no charge.

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Happy riding!