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stirrup bangle bracelet

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Stirrup Bangle Bracelet from Designs by Loriece

Stirrup Bangle bracelet with leather detail for a classic English equestrian piece. This bangle is a customer favorite. Check back for stock status soon.

  • 925 Sterling Silver (nickel free, tarnish resistant)
  • Stirrup is 3/4″ wide and fits small-medium wrist size (custom sizing available)
  • Available in gold; call for pricing–586-859-5983

Why Choose Designs By Loriece

When I design a bracelet, it must be attractive, but above all else, comfortable. I have built this bangle flexible and strong, putting emphasis on creating heavier joints where the movement is greater. My sterling silver and 14kt gold bracelets fit size 7 ½; however, I can customize them to any length by adding a link or taking one away. All of my bracelets are made from solid cast links. The chain is imported from Italy and is each link is soldered, resulting in a quite strong and durable bracelet. I can add stones to almost any design or swap metal for leather. I often mix metals, such as white and yellow gold to create a bracelet that can be worn with and ensemble. Solid cast, tarnish resistant sterling silver. Made by a rider for a rider. Gift wrapping available. Read more about Loriece here.


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