Posted: 10/11/2015

Happy 148th Birthday, Canada!

Our very own Loriece began her company in Canada more than 25 years ago. Having recently graduated from college (studying jewelry design), Loriece was looking for the perfect niche to begin her goldsmith career. A rider herself, she realized there was a need for equestrian jewelry as she had been unable to find any good equestrian jewelry for a long time.

Loriece grew more excited as delved into creating equestrian pieces because while it is a niche, it’s an expansive niche. With so many horseback riding disciplines to explore, she knew she’d never grow tired in this field. She began exhibiting her pieces all over Canadian horseshows to build up her brand and reputation.

She moved to the United States in 2003 and continues to make the highest quality jewelry, and while she loves her new home in the U.S., she is also very proud of her Canadian heritage because it is still home in her heart.

Loriece and Designs by Loriece wish Canadians a very happy and festive day as we celebrate their independence on this day 148 years ago.

Loriece has designed this Rosette Pendant (product #4035) and Rosette Red earrings (product #303-R), available with red spinel for our Canadian riders who are proud of their accomplishments.