Stock Tie Pins for Riders

Posted: 10/11/2015

The stock tie and stock tie pin have long been a staple in the competitive rider’s wardrobe. The tie, traditionally white, is most often used in dressage and sometimes, show jumping. A pin is worn just under the knot and the pin itself is usually minimal in design, though more elaborate styles have cropped up in recent times.

The history of the stock tie is hundreds of years old. It was worn out on the hunt field, shielding riders’ collars from wind and rain. It was also used for makeshift bandages or slings for human and horse limbs alike. The stock tie prevailed through the decades, becoming a fashion statement for gentlemen in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Stock tie pins have become an accessory to showcase a rider’s sense of style. Loriece has created a variety of brooches and stock tie pins for dressage riders, 3 day event and show jumpers, including our featured one for today’s blog: #210, Fox & Horseshoe, shown in sterling silver. This pin is perfect for men and women involved in the fox hunt. It is also available in 14k gold, 18k gold, or platinum.

Loriece caters to her clients’ style by offering high-quality pieces that withstand the test of time—and competition!

Watch our video for a neat stock tie pin trick! It’ll ensure your stock pin never comes loose from your tie, so it’s one less thing to worry about when riding.