Rose Gold Equestrian Jewelry

Posted: 09/12/2016

Rose Gold Equestrian Jewelry from Designs by Loriece

Loriece’s latest collection of rose gold equestrian jewelry is one close to her heart. Inspired by her own mother’s tale, the Rose Emily Barnes Collection is a reflection of joy and warmth in the heart.

Rose Gold Equestrian Jewelry Collection from Designs by Loriece

Rose Gold Equestrian Jewelry collection inspired by Loriece’s mother

Rose Emily Barnes was an orphan who was raised in a Catholic boarding school in London, England in the 1920s. Rose’s uncle was the chauffeur for Lady Roughton of Windsor, who heard of Rose’s unfortunate childhood and invited her to ride at her stable. The heartwarming joy Rose experienced when riding is reflected in the warm rose color of the gold.
This collection is dedicated by her daughter, Loriece.


Featuring tiny rose gold charms on delicate, gleaming necklaces and precious rose gold studs, these pieces are truly one-of-a-kind. Rose gold stirrups and horseshoes made for layering, this lovely pink hue will complement every skin tone. All pieces are 14 karat fine rose gold and are competitively priced in the gold market.

Equestrian Rose Gold Small Horseshoe Necklace on 16" chain

Equestrian Rose Gold Small Horseshoe Necklace(top) and Equestrian Rose Gold Horseshoe necklace (bottom)

These rose gold necklaces can be layered with one another or your other necklaces. The Equestrian Rose Gold Small Horseshoe Necklace is a charming, tiny piece of jewelry. Hung on a 16 inch gleaming rose gold chain, this delicate little nugget reminds of us just how cute tiny things are! If you prefer your luck a bit larger, then the Equestrian Rose Gold Horseshoe Necklace is your spirit necklace. It’s absolutely gorgeous hanging from an 18 inch chain as it catches the light at every angle.

Equestrian Rose Gold Dee Bit Necklace Equestrian Rose Gold Stirrup Necklace layering necklaces

Equestrian Rose Gold Dee Bit Necklace and Equestrian Rose Gold Stirrup Necklace can be layered

You can stick with a horseshoe theme, or you can switch it up with one of these two lovelies: the Equestrian Rose Gold Stirrup Necklace on an 18 inch chain or the Equestrian Rose Gold Dee Bit Necklace on a 16 inch chain. They’re both rose gold confections that are oh-so-chic!

Equestrian Small Horseshoe Earrings studs

Equestrian Small Horseshoe Earrings in rose gold

Equestrian Small Stirrup Earrings are tiny and beautiful

Equestrian Small Stirrup Earrings in rose gold

Complement your look with the adorable rose gold Small Stirrup Earrings or the rose gold Small Horseshoe Earrings. Lovely, tiny rose gold studs that are effortlessly classic, perfect for those who prefer a more minimal style.

Love these necklaces and earrings? Share with your loved ones as the holidays approach or treat yourself. For any special requests (like pricing in yellow or white gold or free gift wrapping) or questions you may have, contact Loriece directly.