Collectible Equestrian Sport Pins

Fox Hunt Horse Pin - Horse Accessories - Designs by Loriece
Posted: 09/26/2016

Designs by Loriece released four collectible Equestrian Sport Pins at the American Equestrian Trade Association’s August show. Each one has a different enamel color and each one securely pins to caps, bags, clothing. They can also secure competition numbers to jackets. Loriece came up with the idea after seeing riders using plain pins and clips to secure competition numbers to jackets.

“It’s always fun to collect something,” Loriece said at the trade show, “and I’ve noticed more and more riders adding a pin or two to their hats to personalize them.”

The Equestrian Sport Pins are small, measuring at less than an inch, but with a pop of color behind the motifs of dressage, fox hunting, hunter jumper, and a horseshoe. The pins make for perfect stocking stuffers for the upcoming holiday season. The collection includes:

Equestrian Sport Pins AETA

Equestrian Sport Pins from Designs by Loriece, set of four, at the Designs by Loriece New Releases table this past summer

Jumper Sport Pin in brown

Jumper Sport Pin from Designs by Loriece

The Jumper Sport Pin, with dark brown enamel, for hunter jumpers featuring a horse and rider in mid-jump.

Fox Hunt Sport Pin in red

Fox Hunt Sport Pin from Designs by Loriece

The Fox Hunt Sport Pin, with red enamel, for  the classic equestrian. It has a fox face set between two crossed horns.

Horseshoe Sport Pin as a hat pin

Horseshoe Sport Pin with brown enamel

The Horseshoe Sport Pin, with brown enamel, for any and every discipline.

Dressage Sport Pin with enamel coating

Dressage Sport Pin from Designs by Loriece

The Dressage Sport Pin, with black enamel, featuring a horse with extended foreleg and rider.

Collect all four or pick your favorite!