Equestrian Cuffs

Equestrian Horse Head Cuff with horses' heads and a bit
Posted: 10/06/2016

The first time Loriece saw Debbie Brooks’ nano-cuffs, she immediately knew she needed a line of equestrian cuffs for Designs by Loriece. Loriece collaborated with artist Debbie Goldring to create a horse head cuff (shown below). It received so much attention that Loriece and Debbie Brooks’ team came up with more designs. Each cuff is made of brass and jewelry-grade acrylic. They’re colorful but classic in design with a fresh take on the cuff. There are five designs representing different disciplines. Each one fits average sized wrists (size 7) and the cuffs have some give for adjustments. These cuffs sold like hot cakes the American Equestrian Trade Association and we’re so excited to share them with you! Each one is available on the website (links are in each respective caption). Treat yourself or surprise a friend with one of these gorgeous, playful cuffs. We just know you’ll fall in love!


Equestrian Horse Head Cuff with horses' heads and a bit

Equestrian Horse Head Cuff with brass and jewelry grade acrylic


Equestrian Cuff with brass adjustable cuff

Equestrian Cuff Dressage Cuff with a close up of horse and rider and a touch of sparkle


Equestrian Cuff horse racing bracelet

Equestrian Cuff Derby Cuff features horse racing in beautiful colors


Equestrian Cuff with show jumping theme

Equestrian Cuff in jewelry-grade acrylic and brass featuring show jumper with crowd looking on


Equestrian Cuff Hunter Jumper Cuff brass

Equestrian Cuff Hunter Jumper Cuff in jewelry grade acrylic featuring horse and rider show jumping with bit and horseshoe details