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Horse Hoof Lariat Necklace from Designs by Loriece

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Horse Hoof Lariat Necklace from Designs by Loriece

Horse Hoof Lariat Necklace shows off the horseshoe and frog of the hoof! This charming horse necklace will remind you of that distinct sound we all love so much–clip-clop. Free gift wrapping.

  • 925 Sterling Silver (nickel free, tarnish resistant)
  • 18″ inch chain; longer chains available upon request
  • Available in gold (call for pricing 517-376-9308)

Why Choose Designs by Loriece

Pendants and necklaces seem to be the most popular item of jewelry I sell. Perhaps because they are so visible, being worn in the center and at eye level. They also happen to be my favorite pieces to mak, because their movement reflects the light in the high polished precious metal. Different chain styles and lengths are available. Made by a rider for a rider.  Read more about Loriece.