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Horseshoe Tie Bars

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Horseshoe Tie Bars from Designs by Loriece

Horseshoe Tie Bars are double horseshoes with striping engraving on the bar, which adds an extra touch of refinement. Security chain with button clasp.

  • 925 Sterling Silver (nickel free, tarnish resistant)
  • 2 1/4″ wide bar; 1/8″ tall; horseshoe 3/4″ wide; 5/8″ tall
  • Available in gold (call for pricing–586-859-5983)

Why Choose Designs by Loriece

The sky is the limit for creative expression when it comes to making men’s jewelry. Why, then, is there so little to choose from? I would like to change that, which is why I have introduced Equestrian Esquire; equestrian jewelry for men. Heavier, solid pieces with increased durability and functionality.  Interesting jewelry for interesting men. Learn more about Loriece.