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Polo Mallet Bangle

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Flexible sterling silver polo mallet bangle. The flexible bangle easily adjusts to fit any wrist.
  • 925 Sterling Silver (nickel free, tarnish resistant)
  • Polo mallet 1″ tall; 1/4″ (end of the mallet); 5/8″ by 3/8″ (handle of mallet)
  • Also available in gold; call for pricing–586-859-5983


Product Description

Polo Mallet Bangle from Designs by Loriece

Polo Mallet Bangle is unlike any other bangle of its kind. It’s flexible, which makes it easier to put on and remove. As a result, it’s extremely durable unlike most other bangle bracelets. The detail in the polo mallet and handle accurately represent the sport of polo.

  • 925 Sterling Silver (nickel free, tarnish resistant)

Why Choose Designs by Loriece

When I design a bracelet, it must be attractive and comfortable. I have built this flexible and strong, putting emphasis on creating heavier joints where the movement is greater. The sterling silver and 14kt gold bracelets I make come in size 7 ½. However, I can customize them to any length by adding a link or taking one away. All of my bracelets are made from solid cast links.  We solder each link, making it strong and durable. I can set stones in some of the designs and many can be made with a leather band. I often mix metals, such as white and yellow gold to create a bracelet that can be worn with any ensemble. Made by a rider for a rider.

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Weight 2 lbs